What is Thermal Weed Control?

Thermal Weed Control (TWC) uses HEAT to eliminate unwanted vegetation.  Seedlings can be easily killed outright, while perennial weeds can be killed with repeated, well-timed treatments.

Eco-friendly, non-chemical, and efficient, FlameWerks' tools are a cost-effective alternative to using herbicides and represent one of the principal  weed control methods that will be widely applied in the future. But you do not need to wait, our pioneering, innovative equipment is available today.

What are potential applications of Thermal Weed Control?

TWC has a variety of applications in diverse types of managed landscapes and features, including: Home, School, and/or Community Gardens; Graveled Sites (e.g., driveways, storage areas, parking lots, pathways); Interlocking Pavers (e.g., patios, plazas, walkways, parking areas, driveways); along Fence Lines, around Objects in Turf (e.g.,  poles & posts, trees); Pavement Cracks, Drying Pavement for Repairs; Applying Pavement Markers (e.g., reflective pedestrian crosswalk borders); Overgrown Sidewalk Edges or Curbs, Moss Control on Pavement (e.g., walkways, driveways, parking areas); and Pioneering Infestations of Noxious Weeds (e.g., boat landings, recreational parking lots, pastures). It can also be used on Farms (rows of vines, trees, and/or berries; bed crops; row crops; broadcast "burn-downs", "sanitation treatments" (insect and disease control); stock pens.  And there are other valuable infrastructure that TWC can be applied to: rock-lined ditches; road shoulders; railway tracks, sidings, and yards.

Who can benefit from Thermal Weed Control?

Nearly anyone with routine weed control requirements can use TWC to their benefit; the more that thermal treatments are thoughtfully and carefully applied to existing circumstances the less they will need to be used as time goes by, and, the more easily and quickly they can be implemented.  These valuable results are due to the long-term, residual impact of properly applied TWC treatments as well as the reduction of the pre-exisiting soil "seed bank" which are the source of many weeds.

What are the best conditions for Thermal Weed Control application?

Seedling weeds are the primary and preferred target of TWC since they are very susceptible to such treatments (almost all seedling weeds die with one application, although some weed types can be resistant even as seedlings).  Clement weather in early morning is usually best (i.e., above 50F and weeds covered with dew: because the temperature of the weeds is easily elevated to killing levels = approx. 132F, and the dew acts to transfer heat to the plant tissues with added efficiency). Sites with dense, tall, and predominantly perennial weeds are the most challenging circumstances for applying TWC treatments cost-effectively.  Such areas require a thoughtful and carefully planned treatment program.

Which tool is right for me?

FlameWerks' current line of equipment utilizes the SpHot Weeder basket in varying configurations for different applications.  The SpHot Weeder was initially designed to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and focus of hand-torch flaming, with three options available including the Round Basket (Single Burner) and Oval Basket (Double and Triple Burner designs). Primary applications include: Fencelines, Walkways, Plazas & Courtyards, Patios, Curbs, Pavement Cracks, Driveways, Gravel Parking & Storage Areas, Gardens, Landscaped Areas, Sports Facilities, Greenhouses and Nurseries, Electric Substations, Ditches, Culvert Openings, Moss Control, Ice Melting

Meanwhile, FlameWerks has developed various large-scale flaming tools for more than 20 years, and today offers its most effective, affordable, and versatile flamer yet: the Multi-Basket Toolbar Attachment. Available in 2-3-4-5 basket configurations, the Multi-Basket Toolbar Attachment joins power of multiple SpHot Weeders and easily attaches to your existing Toolbar.  Primary applications include: Broadcast Burning, Killing Seedling Weeds post Bed-Prep & Pre-Crop Emergence, Stale Seedbed Cleaning/Pest Control, Vineyard Ailes & Other "©Thermal Mowing" Treatments, Driveways, Gravel Parking & Storage Areas, Sports Fields, Moss Control

What accessories do I need (propane tank, hoses)?

Customers will need their own gas propane tank; FlameWerks does not currently sell tanks. 

SpHot Weeder Packages and Multi-Basket Toolbar Attachments include all accessories needed to start flaming, beside propane tank(s). 

Some SpHot Weeder customers may already have their own LPG Hose, Regulator, and/or Wand, in which case they could improve the efficiency, effectiveness and focus of their flaming with a SpHot Weeder basket alone. Nonetheless, FlameWerks recommends its Package options to ensure highest quality accessories and compatibility, including FlameWerks' Wand with Squeeze Valve and Pilot Light Adjustment that takes your flaming to the next level.