Sunburst's latest tool for Farm-to-Market growers. A highly efficient & effective "Bed Crop" flamer that attaches to a toolbar             

Applications include:

Broadcast Burning, Killing Seedling Weeds post Bed-Prep & Pre-Crop Emergence, Stale Seedbed Cleaning/Pest Control, Vineyard Ailes & Other "©Thermal Mowing" TreatmentsDriveways, Gravel Parking & Storage Areas, Sports Fields, Moss Control

Sunburst Inc. Farm-to-Market Toolbar in use at Rainshadow Organics in Oregon, USA


  • Quality Materials & Components  (Stainless Steel, Powder Coatings, Brass and Hoses LPG Rated)

  • Available in 2, 3, 4 or 5 Basket configurations

  • Tool Bar Attachment via 2" x 5/8" Shanks

  • Reduces Manual Weed Control Requirements

  • Organic Farming Approved; Environmentally Friendly

Spring 2017 Upgrade! More BTU's!

Each of our Farm-Market toolbar units now include 3 Burners per Basket ... adding 50% more thermal output! This will increase your weed control treatment impact while still maintaining unparalleled fuel efficiency due to our unique Basket-Liner design.  Current equipment owners can easily upgrade their units - contact Sunburst for details.

And stay tuned!  Coming soon -  a layer of insulation is being added to each Farm-Market Basket!  This lightweight but highly effective insulation will increase treatment impact and fuel efficiency by further containing the energy produced inside our high-performance Baskets. The new liner will also help provide added wind protection. Why use old-school open-flame burners which allow wasteful loss of the thermal energy that is needed for weed control!

This new feature will be standard on all future equipment.  And again, in keeping with our commitment to Sunburst's customers, the new liners as with all of our equipment developments can be added to your existing system ...  we will not "obsolete" our customers, forcing them to buy new equipment to be able to enjoy the benefits of our on-going technical improvements. We appreciate our clients and respect their need for a return on investment in purchasing our equipment;  our mission is to help them work effectively and efficiently and provide them with quality tools that will serve them well now and into the future.