FlameWerks' latest tool for Small Farms and Landscape Management


30" Model // 1,299.00 ON SALE $1,199.00 + S&H

The Field Cart is highly efficient and effective, making flaming weeds easier than ever for a wide variety of sites.

Designed for high performance and durability, FlameWerks’ Field Cart is a joy to use and easy to maintain.

Applications include:

  • Bed Crop Weed Control; pre-Emergence & post-Harvest

  • Cover Crop Clearing/Cleaning, Insect Pest & Disease Control Support

  • Thermal Mowing© Treatments

  • Broadcast Weed Control on Driveways, Gravel Areas, Pavers, Pathways/Trails

  • Sports Field Maintenance

  • Moss Control


  • 30" Model Available for Shipping March 15, 2019

  • Quality Materials & LPG Rated Components  (Stainless Steel, Powder Coatings, Brass Fittings)

  • Insulated Deck & Sidewalls, 6-Burners / 1.08 Million BTU’s, Radiant Heat Output as Well as Intense Flaming Capacity, Adjustable Burner Angle, Adjustable Deck Height (0-8”), Lightweight and Easy to Maneuver with 20" No-Flat Wheels, Travels Backward as easily as Forward, Well Balanced, Adjustable Handle Height, Weather Resistant Tool Box, Simple & Easy Propane Tank Exchange

  • Fuel Use: approx. 11.5 gal/hr at full throttle

  • Squeeze Valve and Pilot Light for easily managing fuel use & treatment intensity.

  • Reduces Weed Control Requirements; the more you use it the less you need to!

  • Organic Farming Approved; Environmentally Friendly


30" Model // 1,299.00 ON SALE $1,199.00 + S&H