Introducing the 30" Field Cart

Very excited to show the fantastic results from only TWO flaming treatments with the Field Cart! The gravel site in the video was overcome with established grasses and weeds - we consider this a ‘recovery’ site rather than a site in better condition that would only require ‘maintenance’ flaming. Despite the intensity and volume of established plants, the Field Cart eradicated nearly all of the unwanted vegetation after two 20-minute treatments. The 6-Burner/1.08 Million BTU Field Cart consumes approximately 11.5 gallons of fuel per hour at full-throttle, but in this test, we consumed about 3.5-gallons of fuel because we didn’t work at full-throttle the entire time, yielding a total expense around $10 of fuel and 40 minutes of time. Not to mention, the result of a nearly vegetation-free gravel space without the use of toxic and harmful chemicals or immense labor! Protect yourself, your family, your pets, your property, your watershed, and your environment - start flaming today!

SpHot™ Weeder Spring Cleaning - Patio Moss


Easily rid your patio/pavers/gravel/driveway of moss and unwanted vegetation with the SpHot™ Weeder!

Recently delivered an Oval Basket SpHot™ Weeder to local clients who want to maintain their expansive backyard patio by eliminating moss, grasses and weeds from the cracks. Avid organic gardeners with grandchildren and a few pets, non-chemical tools are crucial for property upkeep.

For years they have been scraping the cracks by hand with back-breaking effort - NO MORE! With the SpHot™ Weeder, we observed instant results as depicted in the photo - small plants were wilted and the moss crisped/dried/damaged. Generally, we suggest 2-3 flaming treatments over 7-10 days for profound initial results, followed by spot treatments and basic flaming upkeep for desired results.

The customers were very impressed by the SpHot™ Weeder’s ability to approach their patio edging without damaging the wooden edging or adjacent plants in the flower bed next to the patio - “this is infinitely better than our old open-flame torch” they exclaimed! With our patented basket design, users are able to direct the torch’s heat away from off-target plants and material, allowing clean edging of patios, walkways, gravel, and other spaces. Also, with the basket focusing and concentrating the burners’ heat directly on-target, the SpHot™ Weeder is immensely more efficient and effective than conventional hand-held torches, allowing users to move faster, work less time, conserve fuel and save money. Built with ultra-high-quality materials and components, made in America, and made to last, the SpHot™ Weeder is the best hand-held torch available. Anywhere. Order yours today! Happy Spring!

Effectively Clear Moss and Grass - Chemical-Free - with the SpHot™ Weeder

Results pictured after ONE SpHot™ Weeder treatment…

Already excited for Spring?! So are we! Get one step ahead of moss, grass, and other unwanted vegetation growing in and around driveway gravel, walkway and patios pavers, or fencelines using the SpHot™ Weeder. Highly effective and efficient, the SpHot™ Weeder easily toasts the tops of unwanted vegetation, damaging plant cells and plants’ vigor. After 2-3 treatments, vegetation is often damaged and eradicated/burned away beyond the point of recovery, effectively treating your site chemical-free with minimal off-target damage and no toxic residue or runoff. Check out the photo - results after ONE TREATMENT! Organic weed and vegetation control at its finest - made in America with American Steel and the highest quality components - check out the SpHot™ Weeder and order yours now at

Driveway cleared with SpHot™ Weeder

SpHot Weeders will be available soon ... both Oval & Round Baskets ... 3rd week in July.

Final testing of the new Field Cart is underway & it is performing wonderfully! Very Hot! Turns 'on a dime'. Great balance & skids on deck allow for travel forward or backward w/ease. Simple manual ignition. Tool box incuded for storing igniter, wrenches, etc. Easy height adjustments for both deck (up to 8") & T-handle. Wheel width also flexible up to approximately 3" on either side. Insulated deck for maximum efficiency & impact. Squeeze valve for managing treatment intensity & fuel savings. Superior to any open flame device available & competitively priced. Available this Fall.

Took only about 15 min to clear an area of this heavily weeded driveway ... mowing debris cleared away, annual weeds eliminated, clumps of well-established grasses severely impacted & under control; repeat treatment of the clumps will destroy them. Once initial control has been achieved, maintenance is quick and easy. Note ability to control edge impact ... allowing close application to vegetation you do not want to affect ... & providing a clean straight line between treated & untreated areas where desirable. A joy to use.

Ongoing testing of our new Field cart on a weedy driveway in western Oregon.

NEW! SpHot™ Weeder + Backpack

Introducing the SpHot™ Weeder + Backpack // Convenient and comfortable, the Backpack allows for easy transition between sites and makes flaming on variable terrain easier than ever. Seamlessly move between the front driveway, side-yard path pavers, and backyard garden. Fits standard 5 gallon propane tanks // Quality Powder-Coated American Steel Bracket // Available for purchase in package or as individual Backpack // Learn more at

Stay Tuned for our SPRING SALE Pricing!

New Field Cart Coming Soon

After months of design and development, FlameWerks is excited to introduce a new product to our lineup - the Field Cart. Ultra-high quality components, adjustable height, nearly 1 million BTUs of power, and two available widths make this product stand out from the competition! Here's a sneak preview of the first cart - minus propane tank (20 lb recommended) . Purchase options and action shots of the working cart coming soon!


NEW! Announcing 3 new Innovations, including our new 'Field Cart'!

1.)  Our new Easy-In/Easy-Out Burner Mounting System makes the installation, removal, and maintenance of your burners very easy.  Standard on all new Farm-Market models and available to All previous buyers.

2.) T-Track Basket Mounting System!  Standard now on all of our Farm-Market units:  an innovative Mounting/Dismounting System for our thermal baskets; this revolutionary but oh-so-simple system allows users to install, remove, change basket spacing, and change/mix basket types very quickly and easily using t-tracks.  These too are also available to All previous buyers.

3.) We will soon be unveiling our new "Field-Cart", an innovative and highly effective tool for small farms and other 'off-road' applications where hand tools are too small for the job yet tractor mounted equipment may often be more than is needed or necessary.  It is light weight, handles very well, travels easily over uneven terrain due to its large bicycle-style wheels, and gets the job done quickly and effectively with minimum fuel use.  Our new 'Backpack' will also be available soon for those who want the greatest mobility possible with this device as well as with our SpHot Weeders.  The pictures below shows results of an early field trial on a driveway with new weed seedlings that have received treatments of different intensity to examine how users can manage their travel speed to suit their control standards and requirements. First photo is 1 day after treatment; 2nd picture is 3 days later, with weeds that were not incinerated during 1st application turning color as they die. This illustrates that while incineration of weeds can be useful or even important in some instances, all that is required for effective control of seedling weeds is to cause destruction of their cell structure due to exposure to high temperatures for 2- 3 seconds.

AND, Stay Tuned for MORE Innovations!!!   Coming Soon - A.) special Liners for our thermal baskets that will make our Farm-Market and Field-Cart equipment more efficient and effective than ever;  B.)  Our more powerful YETI 1 Liquid Burner System will nearly triple the BTU output of our original Farm-Market Thermal Baskets to 900,000 BTU's. C.) a new Full Wind Screen System that will surround our Farm-Market thermal baskets, making them more resistant to wind while improving effectiveness and even travel speed.

As with each of our innovations, these valuable new improvement will be available to All previous buyers - we work very hard to ensure anyone who purchases our equipment is not 'obsoleted' from the valuable new innovations we develop to improve our equipment. 

Join the Movement to Modern Thermal Weed Control using our unique and high performance equipment.

New! Innovative design makes for great tool flexibility.

Exciting new development in equipment design:  Adjustable/Removable Baskets!  Latest tool development shown here is the ability to adjust the position of or combine the types of Baskets on the Windscreen!  Baskets can be mounted or dismounted quickly and easily.

Pictured are two units w/2 Round Baskets each, for treating the 14" wide aisles of a Pennsylvania farmer's bed cropping system ... eliminating weeds growing where the tractor's tires travel and on the side slopes of the beds.

Treatment intensity and frequency can be used to manage the amount of vegetation in the aisles and on the side slopes of a bed cropping system (i.e., controlling weed density, height, seed dispersal, etc. can provide vegetative cover while minimizing unwanted weed development impacts) - "thermal mowing" is a little known and used weed control practice even though it can help manage erosion issues and stabilize the side slopes of permanent beds.  Not all weeds need to be completely eliminated all the time ... using weeds can be advantageous.

The Baskets can be adjusted to pinpoint the application of the thermal treatments, and, an additional Round Basket can be added to each unit to increase its output and impact as needed.  

More innovations coming: New thermal insulation liners to increase thermal efficiency and effectiveness of the Baskets.  Stay tuned!

Farm-Market Upgrade! More BTU's!

Each of our Farm-Market toolbar units now include 3 Burners per Basket ... adding 50% more thermal output! This will increase your weed control treatment impact while still maintaining unparalleled fuel efficiency due to our unique Basket-Liner design.  Current equipment owners can easily upgrade their units - contact FlameWerks for details.

And stay tuned!  Coming soon -  a layer of insulation is being added to each Farm-Market Basket!  This lightweight but highly effective insulation will increase treatment impact and fuel efficiency by further containing the energy produced inside our high-performance Baskets. The new liner will also help provide added wind protection. Why use old-school open-flame burners which allow wasteful loss of the thermal energy that is needed for weed control!

This new feature will be standard on all future equipment.  And again, in keeping with our commitment to FlameWerks customers, the new liners as with all of our equipment developments can be added to your existing system ...  we will not "obsolete" our customers, forcing them to buy new equipment to be able to enjoy the benefits of our on-going technical improvements. We appreciate our clients and respect their need for a return on investment in purchasing our equipment;  our mission is to help them work effectively and efficiently and provide them with quality tools that will serve them well now and into the future. 



Go Green this Black Friday

Gift a SpHot™ Weeder to your favorite organic gardener or home landscaper - check out its effectiveness among these patio pavers! Focused, efficient, non-chemical technology that's pet and environment friendly. Have a family member or neighbor who loves a clean landscape but uses too many harmful chemicals? Help them go green, save time and money with a new SpHot™ Weeder flamer for all their landscaping needs! Say NO to poisonous chemicals and start flaming.