NEW! Announcing 3 new Innovations, including our new 'Field Cart'!

1.)  Our new Easy-In/Easy-Out Burner Mounting System makes the installation, removal, and maintenance of your burners very easy.  Standard on all new Farm-Market models and available to All previous buyers.

2.) T-Track Basket Mounting System!  Standard now on all of our Farm-Market units:  an innovative Mounting/Dismounting System for our thermal baskets; this revolutionary but oh-so-simple system allows users to install, remove, change basket spacing, and change/mix basket types very quickly and easily using t-tracks.  These too are also available to All previous buyers.

3.) We will soon be unveiling our new "Field-Cart", an innovative and highly effective tool for small farms and other 'off-road' applications where hand tools are too small for the job yet tractor mounted equipment may often be more than is needed or necessary.  It is light weight, handles very well, travels easily over uneven terrain due to its large bicycle-style wheels, and gets the job done quickly and effectively with minimum fuel use.  Our new 'Backpack' will also be available soon for those who want the greatest mobility possible with this device as well as with our SpHot Weeders.  The pictures below shows results of an early field trial on a driveway with new weed seedlings that have received treatments of different intensity to examine how users can manage their travel speed to suit their control standards and requirements. First photo is 1 day after treatment; 2nd picture is 3 days later, with weeds that were not incinerated during 1st application turning color as they die. This illustrates that while incineration of weeds can be useful or even important in some instances, all that is required for effective control of seedling weeds is to cause destruction of their cell structure due to exposure to high temperatures for 2- 3 seconds.

AND, Stay Tuned for MORE Innovations!!!   Coming Soon - A.) special Liners for our thermal baskets that will make our Farm-Market and Field-Cart equipment more efficient and effective than ever;  B.)  Our more powerful YETI 1 Liquid Burner System will nearly triple the BTU output of our original Farm-Market Thermal Baskets to 900,000 BTU's. C.) a new Full Wind Screen System that will surround our Farm-Market thermal baskets, making them more resistant to wind while improving effectiveness and even travel speed.

As with each of our innovations, these valuable new improvement will be available to All previous buyers - we work very hard to ensure anyone who purchases our equipment is not 'obsoleted' from the valuable new innovations we develop to improve our equipment. 

Join the Movement to Modern Thermal Weed Control using our unique and high performance equipment.