New! Innovative design makes for great tool flexibility.

Exciting new development in equipment design:  Adjustable/Removable Baskets!  Latest tool development shown here is the ability to adjust the position of or combine the types of Baskets on the Windscreen!  Baskets can be mounted or dismounted quickly and easily.

Pictured are two units w/2 Round Baskets each, for treating the 14" wide aisles of a Pennsylvania farmer's bed cropping system ... eliminating weeds growing where the tractor's tires travel and on the side slopes of the beds.

Treatment intensity and frequency can be used to manage the amount of vegetation in the aisles and on the side slopes of a bed cropping system (i.e., controlling weed density, height, seed dispersal, etc. can provide vegetative cover while minimizing unwanted weed development impacts) - "thermal mowing" is a little known and used weed control practice even though it can help manage erosion issues and stabilize the side slopes of permanent beds.  Not all weeds need to be completely eliminated all the time ... using weeds can be advantageous.

The Baskets can be adjusted to pinpoint the application of the thermal treatments, and, an additional Round Basket can be added to each unit to increase its output and impact as needed.  

More innovations coming: New thermal insulation liners to increase thermal efficiency and effectiveness of the Baskets.  Stay tuned!