SpHot Weeders will be available soon ... both Oval & Round Baskets ... 3rd week in July.

Final testing of the new Field Cart is underway & it is performing wonderfully! Very Hot! Turns 'on a dime'. Great balance & skids on deck allow for travel forward or backward w/ease. Simple manual ignition. Tool box incuded for storing igniter, wrenches, etc. Easy height adjustments for both deck (up to 8") & T-handle. Wheel width also flexible up to approximately 3" on either side. Insulated deck for maximum efficiency & impact. Squeeze valve for managing treatment intensity & fuel savings. Superior to any open flame device available & competitively priced. Available this Fall.

Took only about 15 min to clear an area of this heavily weeded driveway ... mowing debris cleared away, annual weeds eliminated, clumps of well-established grasses severely impacted & under control; repeat treatment of the clumps will destroy them. Once initial control has been achieved, maintenance is quick and easy. Note ability to control edge impact ... allowing close application to vegetation you do not want to affect ... & providing a clean straight line between treated & untreated areas where desirable. A joy to use.

Ongoing testing of our new Field cart on a weedy driveway in western Oregon.