30" Field Cart ON SALE NOW!

FlameWerks is very excited to announce that our new Field Cart is now available to purchase at our website. Industry-leading Thermal Deck design encloses, contains, and directs the 6-Burners’ 1M+ BTUs on-target to vegetation under and within the Deck, greatly improving fuel efficiency and effectiveness while minimizing off-target impact of surrounding vegetation and crops. Further, the Field Cart Deck height can be adjusted up to 8” to accommodate raised beds, and the wheels can be extended up to 2” wider on each side of the axle to allow for varying bed width and path spacing. The operator handle is also adjustable to the Left or Right from Center, allowing the operator to push or pull the cart without walking in the cart’s path, potentially disrupting bed crops, etc. FlameWerks’ products are designed, manufactured, and assembled in America, made with American Steel and the highest-quality components available. As an introductory special, we are offering the first production of the Field Cart on sale for $1299! Hurry to order now, as this sale won’t last long!