Effectively Clear Moss and Grass - Chemical-Free - with the SpHot™ Weeder

Results pictured after ONE SpHot™ Weeder treatment…

Already excited for Spring?! So are we! Get one step ahead of moss, grass, and other unwanted vegetation growing in and around driveway gravel, walkway and patios pavers, or fencelines using the SpHot™ Weeder. Highly effective and efficient, the SpHot™ Weeder easily toasts the tops of unwanted vegetation, damaging plant cells and plants’ vigor. After 2-3 treatments, vegetation is often damaged and eradicated/burned away beyond the point of recovery, effectively treating your site chemical-free with minimal off-target damage and no toxic residue or runoff. Check out the photo - results after ONE TREATMENT! Organic weed and vegetation control at its finest - made in America with American Steel and the highest quality components - check out the SpHot™ Weeder and order yours now at http://www.thermalweedcontrol.com/sphot-weeder/

Driveway cleared with SpHot™ Weeder