SpHot™ Weeder Spring Cleaning - Patio Moss


Easily rid your patio/pavers/gravel/driveway of moss and unwanted vegetation with the SpHot™ Weeder!

Recently delivered an Oval Basket SpHot™ Weeder to local clients who want to maintain their expansive backyard patio by eliminating moss, grasses and weeds from the cracks. Avid organic gardeners with grandchildren and a few pets, non-chemical tools are crucial for property upkeep.

For years they have been scraping the cracks by hand with back-breaking effort - NO MORE! With the SpHot™ Weeder, we observed instant results as depicted in the photo - small plants were wilted and the moss crisped/dried/damaged. Generally, we suggest 2-3 flaming treatments over 7-10 days for profound initial results, followed by spot treatments and basic flaming upkeep for desired results.

The customers were very impressed by the SpHot™ Weeder’s ability to approach their patio edging without damaging the wooden edging or adjacent plants in the flower bed next to the patio - “this is infinitely better than our old open-flame torch” they exclaimed! With our patented basket design, users are able to direct the torch’s heat away from off-target plants and material, allowing clean edging of patios, walkways, gravel, and other spaces. Also, with the basket focusing and concentrating the burners’ heat directly on-target, the SpHot™ Weeder is immensely more efficient and effective than conventional hand-held torches, allowing users to move faster, work less time, conserve fuel and save money. Built with ultra-high-quality materials and components, made in America, and made to last, the SpHot™ Weeder is the best hand-held torch available. Anywhere. Order yours today! Happy Spring!

NEW! SpHot™ Weeder + Backpack

Introducing the SpHot™ Weeder + Backpack // Convenient and comfortable, the Backpack allows for easy transition between sites and makes flaming on variable terrain easier than ever. Seamlessly move between the front driveway, side-yard path pavers, and backyard garden. Fits standard 5 gallon propane tanks // Quality Powder-Coated American Steel Bracket // Available for purchase in package or as individual Backpack // Learn more at thermalweedcontrol.com

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