Introducing the 30" Field Cart

Very excited to show the fantastic results from only TWO flaming treatments with the Field Cart! The gravel site in the video was overcome with established grasses and weeds - we consider this a ‘recovery’ site rather than a site in better condition that would only require ‘maintenance’ flaming. Despite the intensity and volume of established plants, the Field Cart eradicated nearly all of the unwanted vegetation after two 20-minute treatments. The 6-Burner/1.08 Million BTU Field Cart consumes approximately 11.5 gallons of fuel per hour at full-throttle, but in this test, we consumed about 3.5-gallons of fuel because we didn’t work at full-throttle the entire time, yielding a total expense around $10 of fuel and 40 minutes of time. Not to mention, the result of a nearly vegetation-free gravel space without the use of toxic and harmful chemicals or immense labor! Protect yourself, your family, your pets, your property, your watershed, and your environment - start flaming today!

SpHot™ Weeder Spring Cleaning - Patio Moss


Easily rid your patio/pavers/gravel/driveway of moss and unwanted vegetation with the SpHot™ Weeder!

Recently delivered an Oval Basket SpHot™ Weeder to local clients who want to maintain their expansive backyard patio by eliminating moss, grasses and weeds from the cracks. Avid organic gardeners with grandchildren and a few pets, non-chemical tools are crucial for property upkeep.

For years they have been scraping the cracks by hand with back-breaking effort - NO MORE! With the SpHot™ Weeder, we observed instant results as depicted in the photo - small plants were wilted and the moss crisped/dried/damaged. Generally, we suggest 2-3 flaming treatments over 7-10 days for profound initial results, followed by spot treatments and basic flaming upkeep for desired results.

The customers were very impressed by the SpHot™ Weeder’s ability to approach their patio edging without damaging the wooden edging or adjacent plants in the flower bed next to the patio - “this is infinitely better than our old open-flame torch” they exclaimed! With our patented basket design, users are able to direct the torch’s heat away from off-target plants and material, allowing clean edging of patios, walkways, gravel, and other spaces. Also, with the basket focusing and concentrating the burners’ heat directly on-target, the SpHot™ Weeder is immensely more efficient and effective than conventional hand-held torches, allowing users to move faster, work less time, conserve fuel and save money. Built with ultra-high-quality materials and components, made in America, and made to last, the SpHot™ Weeder is the best hand-held torch available. Anywhere. Order yours today! Happy Spring!