The FlameWerks SpHot™ Weeder is the most efficient and effective torch for open flame weeding on the market today

The SpHot™ Weeder captures, contains, focuses, and directs the torches' heat to effectively and more efficiently deliver each BTU, saving fuel cost and energy while minimizing off-target impacts

Applications include:

Fencelines, Walkways, Plazas & Courtyards, Patios, Curbs, Pavement Cracks, Driveways, Gravel Parking & Storage Areas, Gardens, Landscaped Areas, Sports Facilities, Greenhouses and Nurseries, Electric Substations, Ditches, Culvert Openings, Moss Control, Ice Melting

  • An innovative tool design for flaming weeds that makes the use of open flame torches more efficient and more effective, with unrivaled control

  • First major innovation in open torch technology in decades

  • The SpHot Weeder™ enables treatment precision that has never been available before, making flaming weeds more controllable with greater impact at less cost

  • These benefits are achieved by capturing, containing, focusing, and directing the thermal energy produced by an open flame torch

  • Highest quality materials and construction, including stainless steel for durability

  • Simple and Easy to use

  • Low Maintenance

  • Easy Care & Storage

  • Accessible Parts